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  1. new hash rate record

    I just started mining. I only have 28mhs but am looking to get more coins. I do like the fact that there is still 70%+ of the total coins left to be mined giving everyone a fair shot at mining.
  2. Hello all! I am looking to buy some mincoin before it get's relisted. Please PM me with offers! Thanks.
  3. This is great info! Thanks for posting a wallet backup tutorial for us dummies!
  4. How to make MNC more visible and valuable

    I agree with this 100% This Mincoin is a diamond in the ruff, once the institutional investors get their hands on it Mincoin will explode in value!
  5. MinCoin Forum Is On Facebook !!

    Awesome! That is exactly how I got here, through the facebook page! Isn't this also your guy's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mincoinforum/
  6. Welcome to ALL the new Mincoiners! Let's get this partay started! is there a mincoin chant: "mincoin, Mincoin, MinCoin, MINCOIN!"
  7. MinCoin Update - What Would You Like To See ?

    Any changes that help to secure the coin/network I would imagine would be worthwhile. I'm interested in seeing a detailed list of what you guys are changing. From what I've researched there aren't many Mincoins in existence and not many to be made so I would think making sure the network is secure would be a top priority.
  8. Mincoin's New Informational Video

    Pretty cool video. Seems just as valid today as it was back then!
  9. MinCoin Faucet - Drips MinCoin Daily -

    Looks like this faucet is no longer working? Do you guys have plans for a new faucet?
  10. Princeton University Studies MinCoin

    Kinda crazy that Mincoin was included in that study. Congrats to you guys! Pretty impressive. I am still looking to buy some Mincoin before it hits an exchange. If anyone is interested in selling me some please send me a PM with an offer! Thanks!!
  11. Great update. Thanks for the info. Following the twitter and facebook accounts.
  12. *New MinCoin Website*

    Do you guys have plans for listing?
  13. I do not have any mincoins to donate. I would like to purchase some. I might be willing to donate a small amount of bitcoin, but would first like to get some mincoins. Maybe someone on here has some to sell?? Admins? Can someone message me with an offer? thanks.
  14. Can Bitcoin Reach $100,000 ? Some Think It Can !

    Nice market calls. But I don't see where Mincoin is traded anywhere? Where are you guys listed?

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