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  1. Mincoin's New Informational Video

    Definitely awesome.
  2. I'm willing to trade some altcoins for mincoins before they get listed on an exchange.
  3. newline - semi-automatic e-currency exchanger

    @newline this is really interesting! Can we exchange for mincoins today?
  4. *New MinCoin Website*

    What kind of network hash rate do you think there we'll be after MinCoin is listed on an exchange? Should I rent some hash now while mining mincoins is still relatively cheap or can I just buy mincoins from someone privately for bitcoins?
  5. How to make MNC more visible and valuable

    I like this! In other words I should be able to send Milli-MinCoins and Micro-MinCoins without paying a huge fee? If so, Satoshi would be proud of you all.
  6. --Crisis Averted Thanks To Fast Acting Devs--

    Which versions will it be compatible with on Mac?
  7. [News] ALTcointip/Reddit <<Adds MinCoin>>

    Farewell Looks like total accepted MinCoin tips there was $157.36 before service terminated.

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