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  1. I will not be in attendance for a Christmas Eve meeting, I have prior obligations.
  2. YOU ARE HERE Actively testing Running the latest pre-release Trying to make a backup We are going to try something new. Send 0.001 tMNC (one milli-mincoin) to the following address by scanning the QR code using mincoin-wallet for Android. This will help me to measure engagement. You will find the latest pre-release linked as a pinned message in the #android-wallet channel on Discord. Create a Backup First, open mincoin-wallet and then touch the three dots near the top right (below the battery indicator). Next, choose "Safety" and new menu will appear. Then, choose "Back up wallet" to continue. Your backup will be encrypted with the chosen password and written to storage. Input and then verify a strong password. When you are done, touch OK. You can accept the default directory and filename by touching SAVE. On my device, this creates a new file including a date in the suffix. /sdcard/Download/mincoin-wallet-backup-testnet-2019-07-27-14-47 Afterwards, we are asked to remember the backup password. The next step is one way to copy the new backup file to your computer for safe-keeping. We are going to use the Android Debug Bridge (adb) to copy the backup file to our computer. Start by enabling Developer options and turning on USB debugging. Connect the USB cable to your computer and allow the incoming connection. In your console, type "adb devices" and look for output showing the list of devices attached. List of devices attached <IDENTIFIER> device Afterwards you can pull the entire download directory into your present working directory with the following command. adb pull /sdcard/Download/ . Thanks for reading and helping to test the pre-release of our mincoin-wallet for Android!
  3. mincoinfaucet.com goes online / then offline with CryptoHub TipBot added to the Discord server
  4. Just a list of milestones to include with our upcoming revival roadmap. Dates will be added. Any omissions will be added by an edit here. DNS Seeds Restored Testnet Restored Tor Transports Enabled Block Explorers Online Forums Upgraded v0.8.8 Release Coinbase Maturity Hard Fork Splash Guard Hard Fork Trade Satoshi Market Opens CoinMarketCap Data Refreshed CryptoBetFair Games Opened Whitepaper Refreshed pools additional markets www.mincoin.us Upgraded Blockfolio Price Tracking Rebased onto Bitcoin 0.13 Branch Testnet Upgraded to SegWit Home Grown SegWit Capable Explorer goes Online v0.13.0 Release (Strict DER Signatures) BIP 66 softfork Activated (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) BIP 65 softfork Activated (CSV) BIP 68 / BIP 112 / BIP 113 softfork Activated
  5. Here is an example configuration I use with my Mincoin-Qt wallet. daemon=1 listen=1 onion= torpassword=<Your Tor Control Port Password> logips=1 logtimestamps=1 shrinkdebugfile=0 server=1 rpcauth=<Use share/rpcuser/rpcuser.py in the Sources to Generate an RPC User Login Credential> rpcallowip=x.x.x.x/x rpcthreads=128 spendzeroconfchange=0 The torpassword value is used in combination with a torrc, see the bottom of this article for more information about connecting to Tor's control socket API.
  6. Thanks for the thoughtful outline @lovetolearn. I will work on taking good notes for us while I'm not busy listening intently - so that we have good material to review afterwards for action items and such. As this will be town-hall style, people should feel encouraged to ask or discuss anything they wish.
  7. Hello, We are organizing a meeting of the minds scheduled Friday, December 28th to discuss the project. Everyone is welcome. We anticipate there will be participation on Discord in both the voice and text channels. Our community is located around the planet in various timezones and we know adhering to a strict schedule will be challenging. We will try to coordinate a time which works for everyone. Please share your availability and topics for discussion in this thread. I hope you will join us! Best Regards, -Xi
  8. Hi @Cryptobud, Thanks for your interest in promoting the Mincoin network! We definitely would like views on quality videos showcasing our wallet and transaction speed. You would need to know enough about our brand to be an authoritative spokesperson for the aspects of our currency which define us and we would need to pay as we go in order to meet our goals for total views. Target #1 - 10,000 views with 25% clicking a link provided by us for you to share with your audience. The link may be a Facebook group / like or something similar decided upon by the group. Measured success would define the terms of payment. We transact in MNC. Best Regards -Xi
  9. MiningPoolStats is updated every 5 minutes with data from each pool API. "List of known mining pools with realtime live pool hashrate distribution." You can find them on Twitter.
  10. CoinStop is a full-featured YiiMP pool with servers located in Canada. No registration required They have upgraded to the latest Mincoin Core v0.14.3. You can find them on Discord and Twitter.
  11. Hello, Mr. Harding was nice enough to merge my changes into the Vanity Address Generator. You can now easily create Mincoin vanity addresses for mainnet and testnet. Make sure you star and watch his repository on GitHub. -Xi
  12. Pool Explorer's service saves you the time looking for new coins to mine and selecting the best pool for them. They are analyzing every coin from all of the pools and display it for you in one place for your convenience. View the coins for your selected mining algorithms View the list of pools where your selected coin is mineable with sorting by number of blocks found in 24 hours (top pool) Sorting of the entire coin list by block height (you can see new coins) Filtering of coins by algo Automatic new coins notifications when a coin is added on a pool in Telegram and Discord You can immediately see which pool has added the coin first and start mining right away When a new pool with a higher hashrate appears, this pool will be displayed in our service
  13. Mining-Dutch has servers in Europe, Asia and North America. They have upgraded their wallet to the latest Mincoin v0.13.0 release.
  14. NL pool's servers are located in the Netherlands. They have upgraded their wallet software to the latest Mincoin v0.13.0 release. You can find them on Telegram and Discord.
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