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  1. No, I don't need that Just a reliable service at a fair price!
  2. I understand your point about 'commodity' vs 'currency'. Alt coins are very competitive now, and I am of the opinion that a number of crypto coins will survive and prosper, and I think mincoin will be one of them! The coins that die will be the ones that have the least number of 'exit' points, and thus, will not generate enough confidence & trust from users. Many coins will have exit points at exchanges only, and for a while that will be enough for people to have confidence and trust enough to hold them. In the medium to longer term I think the coins that maximise exit points through eCommerce (i.e. buying things through shopping carts) will be the ones that are around in 5 years time. They will have more utility. IMO there will be too many 'commodity coins' for all of them to survive - the ones that actively promote themselves as currencies will have the best chances.
  3. Exactly! A wallet with QR support. The alt coins who are serious about surviving long term need an app IMO
  4. Yeah, thanks for putting this guide together. I'm a newby, but I feel inspired to get myself a GPU card and have a go. Without good instructions it would take ages to work it out. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm new to mincoin , and rather new to crypto coins in general. Still learning, but mincoin stands out from a lot of the other alt coins. This forum is really great, especially the mining guide - thanks!
  6. Is an android app for mincoin planned? That would really set this coin apart from the rest
  7. I noticed the mincoin difficulty is under 1 - does that mean mincoin isn't being mined heavily at the moment? Sorry for newby question - Just starting out with mining
  8. I'm only CPU mining at the moment. Is it worth it? How much for a decent GPU card? I don't have much money, so would be keen for second hand if available. If I use a 3Ghz CPU only, how many MNC could I mine in a day?
  9. I found mincoin from a google search on mcxNOW. Went to bitcointalk and then onto this forum. Very easy to find
  10. Like all crypto coins, the real test is this: can you buy something real with mincoin? If in 12 months the answer is 'Yes', then mincoin will be a huge success! Trading a coin is one thing, but without goods/services to buy with MNC, mincoin's future is uncertain.
  11. Whoever got MNC onto mcxNOW deserves a lot of thanks! That site will make mincoin a long term stable growth coin. I've been using mcxNOW for a while now and it's by far the stand out exchange. Well done mincoin dev team!
  12. 1 - simple gambling & dice games 2 - pay for VPS with MNC 3 - Ripple gateway issuing MNC IOUs
  13. A mincoin faucet would be a great idea! It's the only way for non miners to get any coins. More people having MNC is critical!
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