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  1. Mincoin wallet 0.8.7 running ok on Debian 7 Wheezy (KDE), source code compiled with QT-creator just doing double click in the mincoin-qt.pro file, be sure to have installed all the qt4 depencies, you can find some instructions in the doc folder in readme-qt.rst The first time I did it i had some errors that were fixed with sudo apt-get install libdb++-dev and sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev libminiupnpc-dev
  2. Buying in places like overstock, gyft cards...even my wife's online shop is quite fun and easy (go shpping use to be funny) but cryptos allows new markets and services cause in more easy and cheap, yes cheap. Let me explain it. I.E. if you find an artist that you like it and you want to help him/her you can left some satoshis more easily than paying a tip with master card o visa, of couse with less fees o none at all, and you do not need to put a minimum, try to give somebody a tip of 0.05 $ with visa, master card or paypal, in some cases the fee/tax is bigger than the amount to transfer. Freelance jobs has a good advantage as well with crypto, and of course crowfunding. So I mean tradicional shopping is quite fun as always with crypto, but we have the oportunity to change a little bit the world putting lees money in the tradicional "made in china" products through transnational brands & shops and create a new market between citizens.
  3. Hello just wanted to tell you how to mine with your wallet in a really easy way. Install the Mincoin wallet (OSX in my case), go to help menu and open debug window, open the console and type the comand setgenerate true, press intro. To check it, write the command getmininginfo and press enter, you will find dificulty, hashrate, current blocks etc. If in generate you can read true, it is done. To stop mining use setgenerate false. If you go to the debug window > information you can open the console to watch "what's happening" in real time. This method works in many wallets like fedoracoin, doge, quarks, if you have a powerfull cpu maybe you can have a try. cheers everybody P.S. I'm not an expert at all so maybe is no very profitable but is fun check it how it works
  4. A lovely donation is in my wallet, many thanks friends!!!!!!
  5. Thank so much, yes I have some glitch tracks like "treble" but most are glitched dubstep, if you really like GLITCH try my friend Byutifu! just AWESOME WALLET DOWLOADED!!!!
  6. Hello thanks for my first 6 MNCs, really nice and easy. I'm a mac user and music productor, DJ, musician, all my stuff is free downloadable. Now I'm accepting tips & donations with Bitcoin & Quark, so could be nice add a Mincoin address, but I'd like to use a local wallet. At the moment I can use the MCXNOW wallet, I think they do not change it like others exchanges does. So waiting for the OSX wallet...I say waiting cause I saw it's still in development status, If I'm wrong and it is ready please tell me where to download it. If anybody has curiosity here is my soundcloud profile with lots of tracks & DJ mixes [dubstep, metalstep, glitch, downtempo, drum&bass etc etc] ALL FREE DOWNLOAD https://soundcloud.com/billy-korg MNC Address: MENPT9njBjTya5GPi28ynpLG9oUieo3TfH BTC Address: 16kJdksQD5wT62PgBds1GxakYSgDwhy58q QRK Address: QSJHSH94Kf7Ev2NiuhUVexSein1QMjBGz6 best for you all
  7. Hi there, here is the address MENPT9njBjTya5GPi28ynpLG9oUieo3TfH thanks
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