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End of Year - All Hands Meeting


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    We are organizing a meeting of the minds scheduled Friday, December 28th to discuss the project. Everyone is welcome. We anticipate there will be participation on Discord in both the voice and text channels. Our community is located around the planet in various timezones and we know adhering to a strict schedule will be challenging. We will try to coordinate a time which works for everyone. Please share your availability and topics for discussion in this thread. I hope you will join us!

Best Regards,


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I will be available at around 10 pm/11 pm UTC on this day. I look forward to this meeting! 

Ground Rules to be established:

  1. No question is a dumb question.
  2. Let's be friendly, respectful, supportive and professional at all times. 
  3. One person should talk at a time. Then, responses should come from the lowest of rank first and end with the final thought from the highest ranking member(s). This would allow for other members to fill each other in to avoid unnecessary repetition. 
  4. Communication is key - please feel free to introduce yourself, state your intention for being with The Mincoin Project and what you hope to see happen during the meeting and lastly, please feel free to share what you like about this project and what you would like to see improve.
  5. Have fun!

Here are my Topics for Discussion:

  • Outreach to Merchants - Building Merchant Relationships (this is what made DoorDash so successful - they were given a segment on Bloomberg TV where the CEO, Tony Xu, was interviewed on what made them the best in their industry and to see how aware they are of their competitors and the nature of their industry).
  • We can hold an educational session to help members/users to learn how to use VanityGen. (Maybe we can post a video to DTube to build a following and an additional income stream for us to fund new exchange listings and renewing our current websites. The video would have to also show how to approve the application using Windows Firewall and Avast Free Anti-Virus)
  • Recording all conversations on Discord to Mincoinforum once a month. I think it may be worthwhile to record members rising the ranks as well once a month.
  • Putting out Trading Reports across all MNC pairs once every Friday (implementation has begun as of 12/22/18 please refer to the #trading text-channel on our Discord if one would like to verify that it has, in fact, been implemented already).
  • Long-Term Mincoin Calendar (Brothers and Leaders should be able to add/edit events and details as well) - Android (and iOS?) Wallet, SegWit, building apps on our chain, letting coins build off of our chain. Perhaps we can eventually ask for originstamp.org to give an option for authorized/familiar/reputable parties to send legal and good documents, etc. to our blockchain.  
  • Fun Games for Major Holidays and Breaks (Easter Break, Summer Break, and Winter Break) and Events - 1337 has a #random-events text-channel where their Discord members can earn 1337 for playing competitive games right there in their Discord channel - I had fun playing that and earning their coin as well. If something works, then I don't see why we shouldn't emulate accordingly, you know? 
  • Global Bakery Start-Up Idea - Perhaps we can find an individual/merchant to take on this idea?
  • Why is community building important? What's the next step to building community? 1K Discord Members? What do we peddle to our community members exactly? I feel like we should tell them to invest in us by investing in themselves by learning to code or learn about blockchain and other types of ledgers, or at least learn about setting up a basic foundation while investing or testing the waters, like having an emergency fund for 24 months and it should adjust itself for inflation. At the same time, we, of course, must remind that of what differentiates us and makes us peerless in within this newly founded Blockchain Era. 
  • Why did that CoinDesk article (Please see the article that I'm referring to if interested - the link is as follows: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-is-down-so-why-am-i-smiling) say we should focus on making solutions to current problems rather than hypothetical problems? What does that mean for us? 
  • Making sure everyone's OS and anti-virus is up-to-date and their Tor software, as well as their Mincoin wallet versions.
  • This is a suggestion/guide, of course. At the same time, we should feel comfortable going off-topic as we see fit. And, fun shouldn't be excluded from the agenda for this meeting for sure. ;) 

I hope this helps!



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Hello Everyone!

It's that time of the year again and we'd like to acknowledge that Mincoin is alive and well after 6+ years of being in the game!

We should all come together anytime between Wednesday, January 1st to Sunday, January 5th at 11 pm UTC for Mincoin's 2019 All Hands Family-Meeting (date and time will be based on whatever the majority vote determines)!

The meeting will end when it ends. :) Please let @Groovebrother, @SuperTramp, cryptodad, or myself (@ltl) , know whether you'll be attending. If you will not be able to attend, please feel free to share any thoughts with us, ahead of the meeting so we can share and/or discuss it! 

The same rules and guidelines of the first meeting that we had last year (which can be found two posts above this one), will be also applying to this meeting!

Here are the topics that'll be up for discussion:

Crypto$Sky (the platform) is now promoting Mincoin indefinitely! Any ideas are welcome regarding what coins to use for airdrops, giveaways, and other promotions (if it hasn't been mentioned already, perhaps we can also make MNC Vouchers via cryptobetfair.com (non-KYC!). These are Crypto$Sky-related links: https://twitter.com/CryptoSky https://discord.gg/79NptqV cryptoeva is the Boss of the Crypto$Sky platform.
We are now permantently listed on Cryptosky. They expect to expand, and I hope to help them with that, at least at a minimal capacity.
We already discussed minimum and maximum MNC each person can have, on average, on faucets like https://mnc.beyondfaucet.com/. ***This faucet is down at the time of this writing. The content on https://www.mincoinfaucet.com/ needs to be updated as well.
Relationship with TradeSatoshi Exchange (BTC, ETH, and DOGE pairs are available).
Relationship with Unnamed Exchange (BTC, LTC, DOGE, UTIP, and ETH pairs are available).
Newly listed on Fides Exchange (BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOGE pairs are available).
Being listed on the new version of the old Cryptohub Exchange?
Help with getting into #mincoin on Freenode IRC through Tor. ***Update: I've since gotten into Freenode IRC using an IRC client locally on my Desktop.
How does one allow the Bitcoin Core developments transfer over to Mincoin while developing stuff for Mincoin exclusively?
We can potentially tweet about how one can get other coins/tokens through merge-mining on Mining Pool Websites like Mining-Dutch, in MNC posts, as well as put CBF vouchers on Mincoin social media for promotions.
What other steps can we take to become a premier cryptocurrency or should we just work with what we already have?

What are the objective findings of the investigation relating to the 51% attack we recently experienced?
Beyondcoin's Creator, Tech1k, is a very young, bright and positive person, and a powerful resource to our project (and I'm striving to make Mincoin the same to BYND) - we should be friendly, kind, and work together with him and his community. Tech1k has created a Vanity Address Generator for Mincoin and a few other cryptocurrencies - please find the link here: https://vanityregistrar.com/ Please don't send large amount of MNC with those wallets until testing has proven the wallets to be working and secure. Also, send very tiny amounts since this is a new addition to the Mincoin community, network, and ecosystem.
Should MNC be moved from paper wallets to the Qt ahead of the 2020 Q2 upgrade to the latest Bitcoin Core technology? What's a good, safe strategy for doing that?
What other projects and/or organizations and/or parties would we like to form partnerships with, or are we just more focused on merchants, vendors, and parties accepting Mincoin as payment? Let's not forget we have a blockchain too that can help with so much but we also need to ensure it always has a sufficient number of full nodes and miners as well.
Also, wanted to clarify whether we'd be able to upgrade to the actual latest Bitcoin Core technology, or is there a version that we are already planning to upgrade to, ahead of time?
Scooter (a Fides Exchange staff) said Fides Exchange allows miners to mine to their exchange wallets.
Translators and translations are needed in order for Mincoin to have as much opportunity for it to be adopted by even more people.
Programmers, community managers, art designers, and marketers are all needed as well.
Should the hashing algorithm be changed/updated ever so often? Maybe that should be added to the whitepaper since hashing algorithms seem to be getting "more secure" with time.
Perhaps we should make addresses longer for additional security as well, and not have transactions be made public but only accessible to permitted parties under certain circumstances (like for auditing, budgeting, research, etc).
Should tail emissions be implemented?
Passwords are forgotten, and backups are deleted or lost - what should we do about this, if anything?
Let's add more options for icons and/or emojis so that contribution to the Mincoin Forum is fun and encouraged even more!
This document is currently in the works, and should be finalized 24 hours ahead of the Mincoin's 2019 All Hands Family Meeting, which again, is subject to a change of date and time based on majority vote but as it stands, will take place in the first week of January, 2020 at 11 pm UTC! ***This document has been reviewed multiple times by @ltl and is complete as of 1/1/20 - although, edits may still be made whenever.
Best Regards,
Edited by ltl
Finalized document ahead of Mincoin's 2019 All Hands Family Meeting
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On 12/13/2019 at 2:27 AM, ltl said:

We should all come together on Christmas Eve December 24th, 2019 at 8 pm UTC for Mincoin's 2019 All Hands Family-Meeting (date and time will be based on whatever the majority vote determines)!

I will not be in attendance for a Christmas Eve meeting, I have prior obligations.


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On 12/14/2019 at 10:12 AM, Groovebrother said:

I will not be in attendance for a Christmas Eve meeting, I have prior obligations.


This meeting will have to wait until @Groovebrother, cryptodad, @SuperTramp, and myself, are available, at least. It's possible that the meeting ends up happening in January instead. Hopefully, there are no further delays past January. 

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We've been having difficulties getting all of the Team Members together - please let me know the top 3 preferences for dates and times for us to meet biweekly, or once a month. Biweekly meetings are suggested so we can cater to changes swiftly as needed, and it won't cause for things to pile up only for us to deal with things monthly, when we could very well meet every two weeks if we made the time for it.

Best Regards,


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