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  1. Hello @cryptomansteve can't seem to find your Discord name in our server. Here is the link. https://bit.ly/2DFRX4d
  2. @marieann It needs to be posted here on this thread please the link for the tweet or a screen shot!
  3. Hello @marieann Do you have a tweet like the ones above?
  4. Hello Mincoiners! A new Rank is in the works! Requirements for this Rank are listed below. 1. Proof of Mincoinforum Account. 2. Your Discord ID for Example (Discord#0000) 3. Proof of a Twitter Account with the handle Example (@twitterhandle) 4. A Personal tweet of your interests to the new Rank with your Twitter ID. Example ( Hi, I'm Bane420 and want to be in the Mincoiners Rank! My Discord is Bane420#4200) Post Requirements 2,3 and 4 in this Thread.
  5. https://twitter.com/MinCoinus/status/925402971176923136 https://twitter.com/MinCoinus/status/927340547177578498 https://twitter.com/MinCoinProject/status/928776078763606016
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