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MNC on Cryptsy today, and what does the future hold?

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Current value 1x MNC = 0.00047007 BTC


What do you guys expect to see in 


1 week

1 month

3 months

6 months

1 year


When to buy, to hold and to sell?


Lets get some opinions going :)


I'm a long-term holder, but I do trade back and forth with small amounts (mostly to try and increase my holdings). I try not to show my hand too much when I'm buying as people/orders will start piling up in front of me and that is a bit annoying to say the least. I really don't want to give buy/sell signals, but if you are nimble and watch prices enough you can get some pretty low priced fills when a 5-10k holder decides to dump. ;)

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Hi Exentric,


    I am new to the crypto currency scene.

    Trading was fun when I was a kid playing BBS Trade Wars. Back then, I didn't have to speculate -- I knew a good trade was right around the corner.


    My primary interest today ( less than a week into this whole thing ) it to survey the software landscape.

    It is important to know confidently whether or not my machines are operating well.


    Since MinCoin has so few pools; I would be most concerned with keeping MinCoin healthy by seeing new pools appear and watching the network grow.





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