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[News] ALTcointip/Reddit <<Adds MinCoin>>

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On Dec. 5th I completed and submitted an application to have MinCoin added to the ALTcointip bot on reddit. Today I was notified that the application has been accepted and that MinCoin is now supported and added in to the ALTcointip bot application on reddit. :)


Here is the reddit announcement: www.reddit.com/r/ALTcointip/new_altcoins_added



Thanks again to all of you who continue to support the #1 Crypto Commodity! :D








The cost for the MinCoin/ALTcointip bot service to be supported for 2014 was $100usd [Paid in MNC by me ;)]

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The day has come for ALTcointip to end its tireless service. With the tip volume effectively reaching 0, it is no longer reasonable for me to continue to support the server infrastructure required to run the coin daemons.

Lots of tips have been given and lots of people have been inspired! ALTcointip will continue to live as an open-source project behind the many tip bots roaming Reddit.

Looks like total accepted MinCoin tips there was $157.36 before service terminated.

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