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This was taken directly from CampBX website: campbx.com/achupdate

 ACH and  WIRE  Transfer Update

January 31, 2014


ACH and WIRE Temporarily Halted


Our ACH and WIRE provider has made a business decision to not work with Bitcoins and Bitcoin companies due to regulatory uncertainty and recent spate of negative news for Bitcoins. We are working to find a replacement partner and resume these two services for our customers. In the meantime, please use alternate deposit or withdrawal methods available on CampBX. ­


What Happens to Pending Withdrawals?

All transfers that have not yet been processed by our ACH and WIRE provider will be refunded to your CampBX account before 5 PM EST on Saturday, February 1 2014. Our team will be working round the clock to ensure all refunds are processed correctly and on schedule.

All USD and BTC balances are accounted for. If you are in urgent need of funds, we recommend you to purchase Bitcoins and withdraw them to your personal wallet.


What Next?

We will resume ACH and WIRE operations once we have a new partner on-board. We will update this page and our news feed as soon as we have additional information about a tangible implementation date

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But But But But.......   All the news for bitcoin has been positive lately?!!!!!!!!    What is this old fart bank that claims bad news???

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