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what can MNC do?

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  At first,I am sorry about my English.It's not my first language.


  Then,I want to know,what can MNC do?


  We all know the digital currency is created to merchandise and circulate.


  But we already had Bitcoin,if MNC just another Bitcoin,so why we just use the Bitcoin?


  I'm thinking that MNC may be having some special points,like the Dogecoin--I always call it "Tips Coin".


  So,who can tell me why the MNC is worth buying?

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Mincoin is limited in value. Most coins are made to pump out as many as possible to miners to continuously dump. Mincoin is made to be scarce with only 2 coins per block generated. Also it seems it's about to pass maxcoin again. In terms of trading commodities and a store of value, I trust the scarcity of mincoin. 

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I think it would be cool to see some charities and fundraisers started with mincoin too. Especially since the number one thing cryptos are spent on is gifts.

Agreed, feel free to tout charities..here is a quick list of who accepts mincoin right now or who will 

http://altbetfair.com Bookie service

http://minikaze.com/user/3010/qGux2VBPa3cZYOUD Betting game not tested but seems to be somewhat legit

https://cryptothrift.com Accepts Mincoin you can buy or sell and receive Mincoin..starting a bit slow cause everything is mainly btc but it will catch on in a few months to a year and example..wdc has had one sale

http://www.mincoinads.com Advertising on mcxnow.com the fastest most secure altcoin exchange in the world to date also home of Mincoin and only accepts Mincoin for payment of advertising space..simple and easy to purchase

http://rapidballs.eu 5 minute lotto and Mincoin will be added there over the first weekend of march 2014

https://prypto.com/?pg=qLS1s6rgzObZ3tXT2Q== Is added but we dont have resellers yet and thats what we need to tout.because this is the first of its kind in Altcoin space and it will be an amazing service if we can get it to float..which it will

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