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1st time mining , shares and hashrate doesn't count

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It looks like your hashrate is registered as 0kh/s, so double-check your worker and make sure you're using proper credentials with the pool.


Most pools have a "My workers" page where you can set up the worker and then you use the worker as a username.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think you usually /must/ have at least one worker.


Username format for GUIminer would be:  "accountname.worker", but check the pool instructions to be sure.


When your miner is running and shares are registering at the pool, you'll see your hashrate show up on the pool on that panel in your screenshot, but also on that My workers page.

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Im getting a lot of these kinds of issues form people, I'm assuming people are downloading a miner from the getting started page assuming it will just mine for them

but you have to make sure you are putting in the right pool details and your worker details or else it will mine to some random pool for some random account

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There you go i can see you hashing now :) i'm glad you got it to work would you mind sharing your solution so others can problem solve with this thread in the future?

if so i suggest just editing your op and put that you got it working by following the steps you did. thanks and happy hashing


Btw i know why guiminer wasn't working..you were using sha-256 algo to mine and not scrypt..Mincoin is a scrypt coin not a sha-256 coin

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