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5 reasons why bitcoin is better than gold

In many ways cryptocurrency and gold are the same. Both resources are rare; gold rare by nature, while cryptocurrency remarkably is programmed Protocol of the blockchain. Gold and bitcoin can be divided into parts; the gold can melt and turn into small round coins, or even small particles. Each bitcoin can be divided to 0.0001 units. Both resource — interchangeable; each ounce of gold be exchanged for the same.



However, the cryptocurrency has a number of distinctive things:

gold — physical, cryptocurrency — virtual

- gold stored in banks for security purposes and for payment, crypto currencies are stored on your computer and all payments are tracked through the blockchain.

- gold can be stolen physically, while crypto-currencies are vulnerable to hackers.

- gold is available only where it is physically cryptocurrency dostupna wherever there is Internet

- the liquidity of gold is due to its material delivery to the recipient, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies can be done almost instantly at any time.


Asian cryptocurrency E-Dinar has also simplified system of mining. All you need is to buy a certain amount of E-DINAR. After this process of mining starts automatically, and you get 20% of the amount in your cryptocotyle every month!


Making money with E-DINAR just: a contributor can be anyone - from student to pensioner or housewife. Cryptocurrency E-DINAR is a simple and affordable alternative to banks and stock exchanges, where all activity is governed from the centre.


Now the system has over 10,000 users, mostly from Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Who knows, maybe that cryptocurrency will really be the new alternative to not only the financial system but gold.



E-DINAR - true digital reality. Cryptocurrency new generation.


E-DINAR is the currency, that has increased in volume by 20% in Four weeks: if purchasing a currency..

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I really hate it when people get stuck into this is better or that is better! We can always go with multiple options; it is great to divide our investment instead of just one option. When we talk about investment, it is not about better or best, it is about good options.

Even, if we talk about best, it is always about multiple options, not a single option. No successful investor in the world has become successful by just one route; it’s always about having various investments.

I try to do just that, its why apart from BTC and ETH, I am investing on upcoming ICOs too and currently, this Sphere inspires me most with their breath-taking concept of decentralized social network, it can really challenge the Social mafia and can make history! I always wanted to be part of such inspiring and incredible projects.

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I honestly feel great that I have been able to invest into Cryptocurrencies, as there are really nothing like this in terms of potential. But, it is obvious that we got to pick the right option. I love it in every way because of my current pick which is Epiq Nights, as it’s quite brilliant. They are well established in Herbal Supplement providing field, and now becoming first of this kind of company to launch ICO. So far the response they are getting is just unbelievable, so awesome option to get in early with sure shot profits to gain.

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