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  1. i triec mining mnc pooled and i got 7mhs wow
  2. I have 10 mnc(but no luck mining) i wanna try to make more on mcxnow so should i sell now or wait for a highr price or should i sell now? Buying:I know you should buy when its a low price lol.
  3. yea thats the pool im using, btw mine in windows or öinux?
  4. Yea now i just need a delete post feature...
  5. Welp, im up in 7khash/s but im on a pool so im fine
  6. Same here i can only mine... Btw lol that guy
  7. Somebody can probaly fork the litecoin wallet (for android) and that would be pretty simple i think, the dev of the litecoinwallet (for android) forked it and made it a feathercoin wallet so that might be a idea for mincoin...
  8. A true story by me So 1 day i decide to mine mincoin It refused to connect but i fixed that . Then i went to buy milk and i checked the status of my computer. It said it was disconnected so i ran home and sprinted up the stairs. At the middle i felt smoke. I ran even faster. When i came up it sat there mining and i were like oh. I pushed stop and checked what i generated. 0.00027 MNC. Nice i said to myself, thats what u get of a faucet i half an hour and it took 5 mins [EDIT spelling lol]
  9. HAHA i found out what i did wrong so i deleted what used to be here :3 Protip use mnc.vircurpool.com :3
  10. Hello everyone This thing seems to be groving pretty quickly yayyy btw im gonna try minging anyone wanna join? Msg me ;3
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