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  1. You certainly can hedge your Litecoin investment if you mine Mincoin for a week or two. Litecoin will have 84M coins and is already 63.4% through their emission, which is going to half and half and half. Mincoin will only ever produce 10M coins and does not half, because the 2 MNC every one minute is constant. Consequently, Mincoin is only 38% through its distribution and should become quite an interesting coin.
  2. What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a joke just like the central banking cabal.
  3. Mincoin's New Informational Video

    I like it too. Time for a reboot though - something dramatic.
  4. Thanks, wallets work good - installer is clean, I found the network and had more than 8 connections pretty much immediately.
  5. You can basically pay at Mining Rig Rentals and then mine some Mincoin today if nobody makes you an offer.
  6. *New MinCoin Website*

    I'd like to see terrahash support on Mincoin!
  7. Well I fought hard for MNC when CPU mining back in 2013... seeing 0.008 would be an awesome reward for being patient.
  8. Thanks, the OS X wallet works great!
  9. I like how Mincoin has a linear distribution of 2 MNC every minute for 10 years -- that's pretty special and better than a big emission early and then pennies later.
  10. Hello ! new to mincoin


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