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How To "Back Up & Restore" Your "wallet.dat" 


This guide is for newer members to the crypto community

It's the easiest method of keeping a wallet backup



Make sure your wallet is updated to the current block
To create your 'back up' file:

1: Click 'Backup Wallet' from the 'file menu'


2: Choose a file name for the 'Backup file':
(Any name is fine mncwallet.dat, mnc.dat....  etc. as long as you rename the file wallet.dat when/if you need to restore it)
3: Save the file in any file location: 
(for this guide i'm showing you how to save to desktop,  a flashdrive or two is safer than a pc thats online) 











Step: 3






Restoring the backup file


Step: 1





Step: 2



Step: 3



Step: 4





There are more advanced ways to back up your wallet

like paper wallet's and importing/exporting your private keys

But this is the method I've been using for a while now 

and has yet to fail me and even SAVED my butt!!! 

In a couple situations with the Bitcoin-QT where I thought all was lost!!! :rolleyes: 




You can make a backup of the wallet.dat file by copying and pasting it from it's folder location
but I've read from numerous dev's that it's not 100% safe compared to saving through the wallet GUI.
Keeping a backup file updated often is the only way to ensure 99.999% of it usefuleness
in the rare occasion you may need it.


Wallet.dat Back-up & Restore Guide



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