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"Mincoin Is this week’s BULLISH cryptocurrency on mcxNOW" -by cryptocoin news

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Mincoin Is this week’s BULLISH cryptocurrency on mcxNOW

Posted By Crypto on Oct 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Mincoin (MNC) is this week’s bullish advice for all cryptocurrency traders on mcxNOW. After following this cryptocurrency for a few months, this could be one of the best time to buy them below 0.002 BTC per unit. Both mcxNOW and Mincoin has seen significant rise in popularity since mcxNOW launched its version 2 with mcxFEEs. Now let’s go to our analysis of Mincoin and try to calculate where Mincoin will be by the end of Friday next week.

The longterm perspective



This graph shows that Mincoin decreased a lot in the beginning of its launch, but it found its floor around 0.0003 to 0.0005 BTC per MNC, then in the recent weeks it has climbed to a floor of 0.0015. The bottom seems to have been 0.003 and it is now on an positive trend upwards. Our longterm predictions is that Mincoin will be worth about 0.005 to 0.009 within 6 months. Remember that only 2880 Mincoins are mined each day for the next 10 years which make them scarce.



Read the full news article here: cryptocoinsnews.com/mincoin-bullish-cryptocurrency-mcxnow

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Mincoin seems to be one of the only ones holding on (well as for now...) as the price of bitcoin is increasing. All the others are down in the gutter. 

MNC really is a coin that is hard to see as a "mine and dump" sort of coin.  If you have a bunch of them from mining, you really don't want to just eject them for nothing, I think.  When people were buying them for super cheap over the past month-ish (.0002-.001, I think is super-cheap), they were gathering up large quantities of them at a time, so big sells were happening a bit "easier".


I think as the price comes up more, it will stop seeing so much of the big dumping behavior and more of an investment-minded behavior where sells are a little more guarded.  This will of course ratchet prices up.. I hope. :)


...but I'm no financial guru.  :P

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