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Interesting article citing why $bitcoin could reach $100,000. What do you guys think? I think it is totally possible and that 5 years from now people will look back at current bitcoin prices and think $2,000 was a "steal".


" “Moore’s Law” has been identified by a Harvard Scientist in Bitcoin, and as such the belief is that the digital currency can reach $100,000 by February 2021, according to this theorem."



You can read about the article here: Bitcoin To $100,000 ?









MinCoin, The #1 Digital Commodity.

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Nice market calls. But I don't see where Mincoin is traded anywhere?

Where are you guys listed?



$BTC [bitcoin/USD]


Is getting ready to knock knock on $5,000


Bitcoin to $5,000.


Litecoin to $100


MinCoin to $10 [you heard it here first!] :)







MinCoin, The World's #1 Cryptocommodity!


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